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Additional Varieties

Alpha – A very old Dutch variety.  The tubers are oval and slightly pear shaped.  The eyes are slightly sunken, the light skin is sometimes latticed and the flesh is very light yellow.  Grows mainlyשקית אפיה קטן in the winter.  The tubers tend to crumble during cooking and are suitable for frying, aluminum foil baking and soups.  Unsuitable for salads.  In the past, this was among Holland’s main export varieties, but its popularity has declined.  Still exported from time to time and used in the potato snack industry.

Anabelle – The Anabelle was brought to Israel from Holland and it is grown mainly for export since its features are not attractive to the local market.  The Annabelle tubers are usually small.  They are elongated and light yellow, with shallow eyes.  The flesh is yellow and does not tend to crumble during cooking.  It is considered a good salad variety, very suitable for stews as well.  On the other hand, it is unsuitable for frying, and baking is not a preferred option.

שקית בישול קטןLady Christl – The variety originated in Holland.  Its tubers are oval-elongated and their shape is very consistent.  The skin can be slightly rough and it is light yellow.  The flesh is also light yellow and it does not crumble during cooking.  The variety is suitable for cooking and soups and is unsuitable for frying.