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Cooking Varieties

Alliance – The Alliance variety originated in Germany and it is grown in Israel especially for exporting to that country in the winter.  Its tubers are small to medium sized.  They are long and they have smooth yellow skin and dark yellow flesh.  The Alliance is a high quality salad variety; it does not crumble during cooking and can be cut and integrated in salads and stews.  Its flavor is great, but due to its colors and tuber size, the demand in Israel is low.שקית בישול קטן

Dita – A very popular Dutch variety.  Its tubers are long and its skin and flesh are yellow.  The skin is often latticed.  The variety grows during the two seasons of the year and it is also marketed from storage several months after the harvest.  The tubers remain firm during cooking; they taste good and aresuitable for most uses, excluding frying and aluminum foil baking.

Marabel – A variety cultivated in Germany and introduced to Israel through Holland.  Its tubers are purplish, round, smooth and symmetrical and its “eyes” are not sunken.  The skin and flesh is light yellow.  The variety grows in both seasons and has a good storage capability.  It is suitable for most customary uses excluding frying, but is especially suitable for cooking in its skin, stews and soups.  The tubers taste good and only slightly crumble during cooking.

 Nicola – A variety cultivated in Germany, but introduced to Israel through Holland.  Its tubers re long, symmetrical and smooth.  The skin is yellow and flesh is light yellow.  The variety grows in the spring and winter and is usually marketed fresh or following a short storage period.  The tubers do not crumble during cooking, thus it is a perfect variety for salads and various stews.  It is also very good for cooking in its skin – in boiling water or by microwave.  The Nicola tubers are especially tasty and this fact, along with its many uses, have rendered it a major export item to the European market.  Especially young and small Nicola tubers are harvested in the winter and sent to Britain, where they have become a true hit in recent years.