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How to store potatoes:

Keep potatoes in a dark, highly ventilated and cool (preferably (8-20° C) place, preferably away from water.תפו"א

Do not store potatoes in a bright area, sealed containers (such as a plastic container with a lid or closed plastic bag) at a temperature below 6° C or higher than 30° C or when exposed toconstant moisture.

Potatoes can be stored between the optimal and prohibited conditions, but then the storage period will be significantly reduced.

 When exposed to light potatoes might turn green and develop a bitter flavor.  When exposed to poor ventilation and prolonged moisture, potatoes might rot.

At less than 6° the starch within the potato rapidly transforms into sugar, making it sweet and, when fried, it tends to brown immediately.

At higher than 28° the tubers tend to sprout and evaporate quickly, thus they shrink rapidly. The risk of rotting also increases at high temperatures.