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Hevel Maon Settlements

Hevel Maon Enterprises Regional Agricultural Cooperative Ltd.

Historical Background

The establishment of the national water works during the 1950’s was accompanied by the implementation of extensive plans for growing irrigated crops in the Negev.  The Negev transformed from a desert into a highly developed farm based on irrigated crops: vegetables, citrus and subtropical fruit, as well as industrial and tunnel agriculture.

As development and expansion increased, an infrastructure was necessary for post-harvest handling (packaging, refrigeration, etc.) as was the development of marketing and distribution systems.  This need led to the incorporation of the Hevel Maon settlements.

Hevel Maon Enterprises (HME)

HME, a cooperative agricultural association consisting of 10 Western Negev Kibbutzim, was established in 1956 for post-harvest handling and crop marketing activities.

While the Kibbutzim developed agro technical and agro genetic methods for advanced field agriculture, HME was established in order to handle the process of continuously marketing the produce to consumers during the year, in Israel and worldwide.

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HME currently reports the following annual figures for fruit and vegetable production and marketing:

Potatoes – 125,000 tons

Radishes – 1,500 tons

Onions – 2,500 tons

Carrots – 37,500 tons

Citrus fruit – 15,000 tons

 ~55% of these yields are intended for the local markets and ~45% are exported to foreign markets.

Association Kibbutzim:

Gvulot, Kissufim, Kerem Shalom, Magen, Nachal Oz, Nirim, Nir Oz, Sufa, Ein HaShlosha and Ze’elim.

Who’s Who in Hevel Maon
Dror Tanuri

Member of Kibbutz Nirim.  CEO of Hevel Maon Enterprises.  Married + 3

Served as head of the HME Potato Division for 12 years, before which he was the Kibbutz Financial Manager and member of the Nirim Economic Management.